Install Your's Led Lights Today

WJ Enterprises has provided excellent services for installing Street/Flood LEDs in the twin cities of Rawalpindi / Islamabad for the past few years. Given below is the installation guide for a Leds which is simple and easy. A prospective Led buyer can read this blog and understand how to install LEDs on his own at his home or any commercial place.

The Solar Systems Installation Process In 7 Steps

Step 1 – Installation of the Foundation

Step 2 – Installation of the Battery and Battery Box

Step 3 – Set up the Street Lamp

Lift the lamp pole

Install and secure the Solar Bracket at the top of the lamp pole.

Install the Light Fixture on the lamp pole.

Check installation and connections to confirm that everything is in the right place.

Use a crane to erect the lamp pole.

Place the controller inside the lamp pole

Congratulations! You have now successfully erected and installed Your LED Light.