Tube well & Boring

WJ Enterprises is providing excellent services in bringing water supplies to the community of the twin cities of Rawalpindi / Islamabad for the past few years even in present times of water scarcity. The company is dealing with both government and private clients and producing prominent results. WJ Enterprises is pumping water from the noteworthy depth of 700ft.

The Water Borehole Drilling Process In 4 Steps

Step 1 – Identification of the borehole

Water availability check performed through “Electric Resistive Test”

Step 2 – Drilling and Construction

Once the borehole is identified for drilling, we follow through and construct the borehole.

Step 3 – Determining the yield of the borehole

In order to most accurately gauge the yield of a domestic water borehole, an aquifer test is performed. (Electric logging)

Step 4 – Pumping and piping the borehole

The kind of pumping system and piping installed in your new domestic water borehole will largely depend on the intended use of the borehole water.